Am I haunted?

Erika comes on to the show to share her life story that is full of paranormal encounters. She has been plagued by dark entities and spirits her entire life. She has tried moving to different houses to stop the hauntings without luck. Erika is not the only person that has been affected by the spirits that have attached themselves to her…

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  1. Sandee

    I don’t believe you are being haunted, it’s more so that you are spiritually aware /sensitive (which you could develop if you so wanted) and these are all separate unrelated events. The two young boys I feel were from around that area and having a bit of fun because you could see them, the voice of the older lady a loved one in spirit, the Hat Man Shadow Figure from what I have experienced is lower vibrational and notorious for causing disharmony in relationships and general chaos in a household, the Spirit at your Dad’s house it’s previous occupant, the entity from the Ouija board (which opens a portal) was lower vibrational in nature and having its fun/tormenting you (it is important to protect your space and set firm boundaries prior to doing anything at all related to spirit). The event when you were 17 where you could feel the energy and cry when you entered the room you were reading/taking on the energy of a Spirit or an event that took place in the space, I do believe it was your brother in spirit that you felt, the dog in spirit was watching over you and the Indigenous man would have been attached to the land on or near to the house.
    Sleep paralysis and nightmares can be encounters with entities/spirits in our world and on the astral plane (our dreams while we are sleeping). There are things you can try such as protecting yourself psychically via prayer, calling on your guides and angels, placing yourself (visualising) inside a big golden bubble of divine golden protective, healing, love and light, and renouncing and denouncing all entities/energies that are lower vibrational and anything at all that is not in complete alignment with God/Light – prior to going to sleep, wearing a necklace or amulet symbolic of protection such as a cross etc, wearing protective crystals (I find black tourmaline, clear quartz and selenite a good combination). Should you have an awareness or wake up ask God and or your Angels(Arch Angel Michael in particular) to protect and help you. Beyond that you can anoint yourself with a balm or the like with protection symbols and sleep with a cross under your pillow. Nothing like going all out.

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