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    My husband & I had a terrifying encounter whilst camping on a remote dairy farm in SE Qld 27 years ago.

    We had been given permission to camp anywhere we wanted on the property, so we found a nice looking spot right down the back of the property (which backed onto a secluded region of the Conondale National Park).

    After putting our tent up, & setting up our campsite, we proceeded to start preparing an early dinner. Several times, while we were preparing dinner we caught a glimpse of a flash of light slowly making its way down one of the mountains located in the national park.

    We reasoned between ourselves, that it was probably just the sun reflecting off something someone (maybe a solo hiker) may be carrying on them. We continued on with what we were doing.

    The sun had all but set, as we were sitting down ready to enjoy our meal. I had barely finished my first mouthful of food when I started to feel uncomfortable (I couldn’t put my finger on what could possibly be causing the increasing nervousness that I was suddenly experiencing!).

    I felt like someone was watching us.

    I started telling my husband that I suddenly felt weirdly uneasy, and glanced up at him expecting his response to calm my nerves, however, he had a confused look on his face, and rather than looking at me, he was staring at something behind me! I slowly turned around and realised there was an odd-looking orange coloured light that was stationary about 50 metres away from us.

    My husband (wanting to reassure me) suggested it could possibly be a farmer from a neighbouring property, walking along with a lantern; he turned on the handheld spotlight and shone it in the direction of the glowing object. My blood ran cold when I realised the light was hovering off the ground, all by itself!

    Fear almost suffocated me, at that point- all I wanted to do, was abandon our entire camp jump in our vehicle & leave; my husband reminded me that we had been given permission to camp on the property, & it would be wrong to leave all of our gear set up (I knew he was right, of course, I was just freaking out big time).

    Meanwhile, my husband was still trying to work out what it was we were looking at, & kept shining the spotlight on it, and all around it- when the light started copying/ mimicking every single move my husband made (I was already scared shitless, and then it starts copying my husband’s movements!). Then, it started slowly making its way towards us!!! -The closer this thing got, the more ominous & evil it felt! I turned to my husband & screamed I want to get the F%CK out of here NOW! -my husband totally agreed (he also realised that whatever this thing was, it was giving off some very malevolent vibes!).

    We took turns packing as quickly as we could, & throwing stuff in our car; while the other would keep an eye on the slowly approaching light.

    We finally jumped into the car and started driving away.

    After reaching higher ground, my husband pulled the car over as he wanted to see if the glowing object was still down at the base of the ridge (where we had just come up from), I anxiously waited in the car, calling out for him to hurry up, as I just wanted to get the hell out of there. Barely 30 seconds had passed before my husband quickly jumped back in the car, slammed the door shut, & we sped off as fast as the terrain would allow (my husband kept glancing in the rearview mirror, so I knew he had seen it again)- I asked him about it when we were further down the road. He said when he had seen the light on the ridge below, it seemed to see him too; and it started ‘racing towards him, up the hill in a crazy zig-zag manner’!
    *We have no idea what it was that we encountered that night- but it certainly appears to have had evil intentions, that’s for sure.

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