Season 15


For our final episode of season 15, we welcome Norm to the podcast to share the incredibly terrifying encounter he had with an entity that pinned him to his bed.

We welcome Neil to the podcast to share the encounters he had while living on a 2000-acre property in West Queensland.

We welcome Luke to the show to share the UFO encounter he had while on a road trip with his friend just outside of the Australian capital city of Canberra.

We welcome Joseph to the podcast to share his incredible encounter with his Father and Uncle when the Flying Dutchmen sailed into the harbour waters across from their house.

We welcome Emma to the podcast to share her multiple encounters throughout her life, from seeing a potential yowie while on a school camp to multiple UFO sightings and encounters.

We welcome Sarah to the podcast to share the terrifying encounter she had as a young girl when an unseen presence started to lift her bed.

We welcome Andrew to the podcast to share his terrifying encounter with a red-eyed creature while walking through the bush with two of his friends.

We welcome Doug Moffett to the podcast to discuss his journey to becoming a UFO investigator. We talk about the stigma surrounding the UFO phenomenon, and how it is changing...

We welcome Cameron to the podcast to share his multiple encounters with the mysterious yowie. From glowing eyes, aggressive roars and potentially mind speak, Cameron’s encounters will shock you.

For our first episode of season 15, we are joined by Riette who had a terrifying encounter with a UFO while living in South Africa. Riette’s encounter happened in 1994...

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