There was a blinding white light

Lana comes on the show to share a UFO encounter she had in her teenage years. This led to a life full of weird encounters with other white lights and paranormal activity. 

Lana writes:

Hi my name is Lana I live on the Sunshine Coast QLD; I found your podcast on Spotify and I’m really loving the Australian content because I’ve found mostly American content regarding UFO phenomena and just feel more comfortable somehow sending my stories to you.

My first experience happened about 9-10 years ago when I was 16- my sleep pattern has always been really patchy. Normally I will wake up for a few hours in the middle of the night and get back to sleep with varying degrees of difficulty, but this night I had decided to go and sit on the back deck in the fresh air. It was about 1am or so; a still, clear weather-wise night and I was just looking aimlessly above the gumtrees bordering the neighbour’s fence (20m or so away). From the sky above those trees this massive, white, absolutely blinding light flashed and it made my whole vision white for just a second, like a camera flash but if that camera was aeroplane sized. It was so fast and when the light was gone there was nothing in the sky, everything remained so still and quiet, but I was frozen with fear just sitting at the top of the stairs. I wanted so badly to be inside because my mind was just racing with what that possibly could have been? There were no planes or helicopters in the sky hitting me with a spotlight, and I couldn’t believe it to be lightning simply because of it’s appearance- it was like it came from a huge single light source and felt like it was directed AT me.

I sat frozen in fear thinking ‘If I move ‘it’ will know I’m here’ for about 5 minutes before getting the courage to literally hurl myself through the back door and to my mum’s room in a panic.

I don’t remember much else coming from that experience but I was so shaken up and the memory is burned into my brain, so when a similar thing happened last year I was immediately freaked out all over again. This time it was a lot closer and the experience got even weirder.

I now live in a small home with my partner who goes to bed a lot later than me. So just as I had gotten into bed in the dark and was shifting to get comfortable I turned over and my vision was naturally toward the open doorway. Through the dark as if coming from a source standing in the doorway, another white light, seeming to be aimed at me again from above, flashed once like a camera. Again, it only lasted a second and this time it was a lot smaller, like if someone had turned a blinding, white, camping torch onto me for a moment. When it was over I was again frozen in fear and could only yell for my partner in the other room who came in and turned the light on. I asked if there was a power surge or if he had the flash of light too and he was aptly confused as I explained what happened. My partner is a logic & hard facts kinda guy and doesn’t even entertain paranormal ideas, so his immediate response was to check our small house from top to bottom for intruders. All doors were still locked and the place was secure, so we just had to let it go, but I could never shake the unease fully.

Months pass and we only have a few weird instances of our bedroom light being turned on and off during the night a couple of times, but we would chalk that up to the wiring or whatever. But one night I’m having drinks with my partner just at our home, I decide to talk about paranormal experiences and after a few drinks he loosens up and tells me he has ‘felt a presence in our bedroom’. I was incredibly shocked and immediately had 100 questions but even through his Dutch courage, I had to really coax out the whole story from my partner because he was so reluctant to tell me. He admits that around the time of my last ‘light flash’ in bed, he woke in the middle of the night and saw two ‘figures made of white light’ standing over me as I slept. The only details I got from him are they were tall, human-shaped figures made of white light and from there on he has refused to talk to me about it any more. Obviously, I want to know every detail because these two beings were standing over me as I slept, witnessed by a complete sceptic and I can’t help but feel like my ‘light flashes’ are related.

I spoke to family about this and turns out we have a bit of history in this type of thing and I was told a UFO story from my family back in the 1950’s, which I’d be more than happy to detail for you too.

Thank you for your hard work and providing a platform like this.


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