Multiple lives and reincarnation

We welcome Brent to the podcast to share his experiences of reincarnation and how this has affected his everyday life.

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The Family Poltergeist

The Family Poltergeist

We welcome Sam to the podcast to share the encounters her family had with an entity after playing with an Ouija board.

Chased by a Min Min

Chased by a Min Min

We welcome Lewis to the podcast to share the min min light encounter he had while working out West QLD on the Landsborough highway building roads near the small town Morven.

Ghostly Equipment

Ghostly Equipment

On this episode, I am joined by good friend of the show, Anne Rzechowicz. We chat about how she started Australia’s largest paranormal equipment store and the ins and outs of being a professional paranormal investigator.

The Bellbird Grove Yowie

The Bellbird Grove Yowie

We welcome Jeremy to the podcast to share the yowie encounter he and his friend had while out in the bush.

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  1. Brent Chapman

    Thanks for having on Kade. It is a really different experience to be the one speaking rather than just listening. It makes me laugh that I was so nervous and stumbling over words, [hahaha!]. I really have to stop saying “Y’know…” and just relax more. But as I said, I hope that people get something out of the talk, and that they might even look back on some of the more unusual experiences they may have had and possibly reflect on how their lives can be bigger than they presently imagine.

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