The Family Poltergeist

We welcome Sam to the podcast to share the encounters her family had with an entity after playing with an Ouija board.

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  1. Brent Chapman

    I believe that Sam’s mother will not contact her through a Ouija board, as she said she wouldn’t. Sam might be able to contact her through ‘less scary’ means, such as setting an intention and asking for signs. For example, ‘Mum, if you are there, show me a feather’ and then keep a lookout for feathers that day. This could be a way to get the ball rolling. I think that the paranormal activity is definitely centred around her father, though some of it may have rubbed off on the sisters.
    It seems that her father has a strong connection to something or someone on the other side, given that he has had experiences for most of his life. Also, the fact that he is very security-conscious would appear to indicate that he has been dealing with trying to ‘keep something out’ or control who or what has access to his house. Being a Vietnam veteran would mean that he probably has many difficult experiences to process. It may be that there is some assistance trying to come through for the other side. Probably some help or guidance from someone is skilled in intuitive practices might help him find some balance between the two worlds.

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