Strange lights in the paddock

In this episode, we dive into a fascinating and mysterious encounter that occurred on the night of August 19th between 7:30 and 8:00 pm. Belinda, accompanied by her husband and daughter, experienced an otherworldly event that left them in awe and wonder. Join us as we explore their account of the sighting and the unexplained phenomena surrounding it.


Note: The podcast episode will include the witness’s attached photos, information, and video as visual references for listeners. This can be viewed here: https://believepod.com/s18e1


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  1. Tracey Marshall

    WOW.. what an surreal experience!

    • Jeff

      Hey Kade this reminds me of an ongoing news story that was on the local news way back in about 1973. I recall over a few days a bright light was seen in the sky through the day over….Taree NSW I think. It was first seen by some road workers and was eventually concluded to be an unusually bright Venus but ………Im now 60 years old and Ive NEVER seen the planet venus shining bright in the middle of the day. Even then I never really believed it was venus.

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