Echos of the Unknown

In this episode of Believe, we delve into the unsettling experiences of our host at a semi-new rental property. The eerie incidents were not limited to our host alone; visitors to the house also encountered inexplicable phenomena, creating a sense of unease. From poltergeist activity to sleep paralysis and unexplained footsteps in the kitchen and bathroom, the occurrences were undeniably strange.

One particularly chilling incident involved a spoon mysteriously flying out of a saucepan while our host’s back was turned. Even their sceptical housemate couldn’t deny the eerie events. The house’s quick turnover and lack of proper referencing added to the eerie atmosphere. Sleep paralysis brought a terrifying encounter with a presence from the dark space upstairs, intensifying the haunting feeling.

Poltergeist activity was also prevalent, with objects moving inexplicably. The confirmation of these experiences by the housemate and other witnesses solidified their belief in the supernatural. Join us as we explore this haunted house and share their spine-tingling encounters.

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