Ghostly Encounters in Youth Work

In this captivating episode of “Believe,” Kade talks with Wynne, a dedicated youth worker to share the unnerving experiences from the place where she provides refuge and care for young souls in need. Listeners are taken on a haunting journey as she recounts the inexplicable and escalating events that have unfolded within the walls of this youth home.

The setting is not just a shelter for troubled teens; it appears to be a haven for the unexplained. Footsteps echo through empty halls, doors creak open on their own, and the atmosphere is thick with an eerie sense of being watched. The youth worker describes moments of intense fear and dread, both during the day and, more alarmingly, in the silent stillness of the night.

But this isn’t her first encounter with the supernatural. Flashbacks take us to her childhood, where a historical house harboured mysterious occurrences witnessed not only by her but also by friends. Footsteps, jangling keys, and doors opening seemingly by themselves set the stage for a spine-chilling revelation—the house’s previous tenants had experienced similar phenomena, including disembodied whistling.

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