Unraveling Hidden Histories: The Remarkable Tale of a World War I Collectible

In this engaging discussion, Kade interviews Kerryn, a war historian who shares the captivating tale of a World War I artifact he came across. Kerryn unravels the story of a young soldier from Tallangada, Victoria, whose life he pieced together through an old diary. Ensuing unexplainable occurrences and synchronicities have connected Kerryn to Council in a profound and mysterious way. These include a chance encounter with Council’s descendants and a strange episode at an Australian war memorial. The episode concludes with the gratifying revelation that the soldier’s story is now part of the curriculum in his hometown’s secondary college, ensuring that his legacy endures.


Time Stamps

01:03 Kerryn’s Passion for War Memorabilia

01:11 The Story of the World War One Collectible

02:47 The Mysterious Encounter at the School Exhibit

03:58 The Journey of the World War One Diary

09:11 Kerryn’s Trip to France

11:16 The Unsettling Experience at Posse Cemetery

18:53 The Connection Between James Council and Charles George Ruggles

27:07 Continuing the Legacy of James Council

28:01 Honoring the Fallen: A Visit to the Australian Memorial

28:31 A Special Tribute: The Last Post at the Memorial

28:52 A Personal Dedication: Laying the Reef for James Council

29:37 Returning to the Memorial: A Second Visit

31:01 A Spooky Coincidence: Hearing James’ Name

32:50 A Trip to Northern Territory: More Synchronicities

34:40 A Connection to the Past: The Council Farm

38:07 Bringing History to Life: James Council’s Story in School

44:36 Reflecting on the Journey: The Impact of the Experience

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