We were surrounded by Yowies!

On this episode I have Ron joining us and Ron is from my home State of Queensland. A little while ago I was having a lazy Sunday and was watching a TV show called “Monsters Among Us” on Amazon prime and I noticed they had an episode on Yowies so I switched it on and Ron was actually featured on the show. So I reached out to Ron and found out he is a Yowie Explorer! So he goes out into the bush with a small team in an effort to find out more about this creature!

Image credit: Gareth Dawe

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  1. Bretto

    I am a researcher on the NSW south coast and know that tyhere are a few in my immmediate area. This guy is pefectly right and legit. I am known in the yowie research field and have been rtesearching the subject for 25 years. Its only a matter of time until we get definitive proof to show the sceptics.

  2. Karen Slatyer

    I remember briefly as a kid, walking through the bush out the back of Wingham on the family farm and hearing these knocks and heavy noises like large rocks being dropped on the ground or in the water. Tree hitting was also heard. Thing is I never knew what all this meant until recently. Often you’d have that feeling of being watched. I absolutely believe there is yowies out there.

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