A Melbourne Haunting

In our first episode of season 20, we welcome Josh to the show who shares various experiences of paranormal activities he and his family encountered while living in an old house in Melbourne, including a story of their attempt at a seance. They discussed how these experiences influenced their understanding of life and death. The discussions also include dreams of precognitive events, like accurately predicting the date of Josh’s future wedding. Interestingly, these paranormal events seemed to stop once Josh moved out of the house.


01:09 Unsettling Encounters and Paranormal Activities

02:24 Escalation of Paranormal Activities

04:38 Family Reactions and Denial

06:16 First Sightings of Ghosts

07:53 Further Paranormal Experiences

10:15 Family Discussion and Revelation of Experiences

12:13 Exploring the Paranormal: Ouija Boards and Seances

20:16 Precognitive Dreams and Time Perception

25:48 Family’s Acceptance and Understanding of the Paranormal

30:48 Reflections and Conclusions

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