Facing a Yowie’s Rage

In our last episode of season 20, we chat with Scott who shares his spine-chilling encounter with a Yowie in Moorpark Beach, near Bundaberg, Queensland, in September 2022. Initially moving to escape city life, Scott’s routine fishing trip turned into a night of terror when he encountered what he initially mistook for a bear, an absurd thought in Australia, at dawn. This creature, walking on all fours before standing upright at over three meters tall, exhibited both bear and orangutan-like features but with a human-like gaze

This silent, menacing figure, after making direct eye contact with Scott and emitting a blood-curdling screech, darted away with incredible speed and grace. Scott details his subsequent obsession with understanding what he saw, touching on the regional folklore around Yowies or Bunyips, as well as his isolation and determination to find others with similar experiences. His encounter brings forward discussions about the existence of such creatures, the impact of witnessing something so paradigm-shifting, and a shared moment of validation and camaraderie among those who have experienced the unexplainable.


00:45 The Unforgettable Morning of the Encounter

03:37 The Terrifying Moment of Realization

08:26 The Aftermath: Searching for Answers

09:09 Finding Validation in Local Folklore

17:43 Reflecting on the Encounter and Its Impact

22:03 The Possibility of Other Encounters

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