Railways and UFO Encounters

In the episode, Greg, an ex-military man turned train driver recounts two distinct and intriguing encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). The first incident takes place in 1988 outside of Bathurst, where Greg recalls witnessing a peculiar UFO encounter as a 16-year-old. The second event happens several years later while Greg is working as a train driver near Black Creek in the Hunter Valley, where he witnesses an unusual light phenomenon. Despite his initial reluctance to attribute these encounters to extraterrestrial existence, he later concedes to the inexplicability of these encounters and discusses the influence of popular media on perceptions of such incidents.


00:32 The UFO Encounter in Bathurst, 1988

00:58 The Aviation Experience and the Unusual Incident

06:14 The Mysterious Objects Follow the Aircraft

07:32 Reflections on the Encounter

16:20 The Recent UFO Experience

18:42 Analyzing the Recent Encounter

26:48 Theories and Conclusions

32:25 Final Thoughts and Reflections


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