Off-Grid Paranormal Visitors

Hannah shares her life growing up in an off-grid property in New South Wales. Raised in a religious, hardworking family, Hannah spent her childhood and teens in the Australian bushland, cultivating a strong connection to her surroundings. From an early age, she possesses an unusual perceptiveness, resulting in strange experiences that largely took place in her dreams. These dreams often foretell future events, such as a relative’s wedding, meeting unknown people and even the death of a family pet. Penned down promptly after waking, these precognitions proved accurate over time. However, the paranormal experiences take a darker turn when Hannah starts being visited by an angry, malevolent figure, intent on causing harm and chaos. This figure follows Hannah persistently, even as she moves to other places. The visits only stop when Hannah confronts and asserts dominance over this figure. Hannah’s story ends on a note of resilience, with her hoping she wouldn’t have to encounter this ominous figure again.


01:55 Developing a Strong Sense of Place

03:56 Family Life and Off-Grid Living

04:55 Religious Beliefs and Personal Spirituality

06:22 Dealing with Skepticism and Isolation

08:28 Unusual Birth and Early Encounters

12:06 Experiences with Precognition

23:58 Understanding and Managing Sensitivities

26:05 Recurring Nightly Visits

33:50 Confronting the Visitor

35:58 Reflections and Conclusions

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