Whispers from Beyond

In this episode of the podcast, we are joined by Aaron, who shares his chilling experiences from a ghost tour in Williamstown, Victoria, back in 2013, and encounters at a haunted radio station. The episode delves into Aaron’s unexpected photographic capture of a face in the Timeball Tower during the ghost tour, an image that sparked fascination and speculation among the tour group and beyond. Despite the technical hiccups with cameras of others, Aaron’s phone captured a clear image, leading to theories about the paranormal selecting who can perceive it. Aaron also recounts an incident at a radio station haunted by ‘Bob,’ a former technician, making noises only Aaron could hear. The episode explores the notions of unfinished business among spirits, the impact of such encounters on the living, and the intriguing possibility of lingering connections between the physical and spectral worlds.

01:04 The Ghostly Encounter of 2013: A Tour in Williamstown

02:08 The Mysterious Timeball Tower: An Unforgettable Photo

05:58 Analyzing the Paranormal Photo: Tech and Theories

21:06 A Haunted Radio Station: Bob’s Cough from Beyond

30:24 Reflections and Theories on the Paranormal



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