Mysterious Encounters on the Road: A Truck Driver’s Tale

In this episode, Gaz, a long-haul trucker, shares a chilling experience he had in 2017 while driving in New South Wales. He describes a peculiar incident that occurred late at night when he pulled into a parking bay on the Riverina Highway. After examining his truck, he heard the sounds of children laughing and stones moving, but upon investigation, found no one there. The encounter left him unsettled, especially after discovering a child’s handprint on his trailer days later, despite being sure no children had been near the truck. Gaz discusses his previous lack of supernatural encounters, his reaction, and the lasting impact of this eerie experience.


01:01 The Unsettling Experience on the Riverina Highway

04:10 Analyzing the Paranormal Evidence

08:58 Reflections and Theories on the Eerie Night

13:30 Sharing the Story and Seeking Similar Experiences

20:53 Concluding Thoughts on the Mysterious Encounter

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  1. Gerald Vandaele

    Truck Drivers Tale: I believe he encountered young Yowies playing in the forest next to the park.

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