A Journey Through Persistent Hauntings

In this episode, we chat with Adam, who shares his unique experiences with hauntings that have seemingly followed him across three different homes. Unlike typical hauntings localized to one area, Adam’s situation challenges the norm, suggesting that some entities might attach to individuals. Starting from his first eerie encounters in a new unit at 24, involving unexplainable shadows and a terrifying experience with a black swirling cloud, Adam recounts how these paranormal activities escalated over time.

Despite moving and hoping for a fresh start, similar occurrences, including objects moving on their own and unsettling encounters, continued in subsequent residences, affecting not only him but also his partner. Adam also delves into the impact of these experiences on his life, emphasizing his attempts to maintain a normalcy by focusing on work and family, and how he mentally managed the fear and anxiety provoked by these incidents.


13:36 Analyzing the Paranormal: A Rational Approach

18:43 The Influence of Paranormal in Popular Culture

22:01 A Mysterious Night: The Door That Opened Itself

22:22 Unexplained Phenomena: The Door That Wouldn’t Budge

23:08 A Haunting Presence: Is It Following Me?

23:24 Seeking Solace: A Prayer for Protection

24:29 A New Home and Unsettling Discoveries

24:47 The Mystery Deepens: Objects Moving on Their Own

26:31 Facing the Unknown with Positivity

32:21 A Friend’s Final Message? Mysterious Bottle Arrangement

34:58 Terrifying Dreams: A New Form of Haunting?

39:23 Exploring the Unexplained: Dreams and Beyond

41:51 Journaling the Unexplainable: A Glimpse into the Paranormal

44:27 Moving Forward: Life Amidst the Paranormal


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