S20E9: Skepticism meets the Supernatural

In this episode, we chat with Dave, who begins as a skeptic of the paranormal, only to have his beliefs challenged through encounters with a white witch named Chrissie. It all starts in country Victoria in the late 80s, when Dave and his partner, Tanya, befriend Chrissie, reported to be a white witch with the ability to communicate with the dead and foresee the future. Skeptical at first, Dave’s curiosity leads him to participate in a seance organized to communicate with his recently deceased father. The session delivers inexplicable messages personally significant to Dave, deeply affecting him. 


Following this, Dave experiences an entity’s presence during another visit with Chrissie, further affirming the reality of the paranormal in his life. This episode sets him on a path of spiritual and existential exploration, leading to insights about past lives and the nature of human existence. Dave’s initial skepticism transforms into a nuanced understanding of reality, marked by personal growth and a newfound acceptance of the paranormal and the mysteries of life.


01:22 Skepticism Meets the Supernatural

04:55 A Seance with the White Witch

11:09 Aftermath and Reflections on the Paranormal

17:22 Exploring the Depths of the Paranormal

31:10 A Journey into Past Lives and Premonitions

37:30 Concluding Thoughts on a Life Altered by the Paranormal

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