Chased by a strange light!

Carly and her friend where on a road trip on the NSW coast when they had a pretty aggressive run in with what she thinks was a min min light. What is so interesting about this is that the light followed her from town to town and only backed off when they approached populated areas!

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Yowie Hunting with Gary Lynn

Yowie Hunting with Gary Lynn

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Finding Bigfoot & UFOs with James “Bobo” Fay Part 1

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  1. Peter Ryan

    During thirty odd years working for the Weather Bureau I saw a number of very strange objects in the sky, all of which eventually had a logical explanation.
    Venus and Saturn located in a position that duplicated landing lights of approaching aircraft, A flock of birds which looked like a flying saucer until they wheeled , The sun reflecting off a tiny flaw in a theodolite so that the strange object visible through the theodolite disappeared when attempted to centre it. and others forgotten over decades.

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