I was face to face with a Yowie!

Tonight I have Dan joining me and Dan has had some incredible Yowie encounters. He tells us about his very first encounter with the Yowie at a race track near the Blue Mountains, followed by his experience with being face to face with a small hairy creature and many more encounters.

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  1. Geo

    Why are you using the designation, “Yowie”?

    • A.F.

      Yowie does not like dogs. Yowie will crush your dog to death if it gets close enough!

  2. Dave T

    Can’t wait to see track.

  3. K. Bolt

    We call the short yowies as Little Hairy Men, they got no sense what so ever and it is due to their behaviour. Little Hairy Men will walk into people’s camp site, help themselves to the food, they will take belongings and clothes, and they will walk into the tent while people are sleeping to see what else they can take. We are taught to leave them alone, let them take whatever they want to take and never follow them, they have a purpose in life and let them live their lives.

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