I was chased by 3 UFOs

Tonight I have Sasha joining me to tell me about a UFO encounter she had with her family while driving from Adelaide to Whyalla. She describes a “soccer ball sized” light chasing her vehicle that then divides into multiple UFOs!

Sasha’s Encounter

I’ve witnessed many UFOs and had dozens of paranormal experiences since early childhood, with my sister present on numerous occasions, as well as my mother who has had several encounters of her own, also since early childhood.

I’ll begin with one experience in particular (UFO) which the three of us were present for.

I’m estimating this occured around 1993.  I was approximately 6 years old, my sister then being 4.

Having traveled by car from Adelaide to Whyalla, as we did every year to visit our family there, we were somewhere between Whyalla and either Port Pirie or Port Augusta (we may have been approaching Whyalla or leaving, I can’t recall) when this occured.

My mum preferred to drive at night to avoid the heat of the day (especially in such dry, dusty terrain).

There were no other vehicles or anything else to be seen at the time, only the road ahead lit by our headlights.  I’m not sure what made us look, but my sister and I, seated in the back, turned to see a large “star” in the sky above the road behind us.  We informed our mum of this, noting it was much larger than other stars and seemed to be growing larger or coming closer.  We were excited as we watched, eagerly describing what we were seeing.

Our mum was very interested but kept her eyes ahead, calmly suggesting it could be a plane or helicopter.  We insisted it wasn’t and she asked us to continue telling her what was happening.

The “star” – a bright, white orb – was approaching our car, still high above the road behind us.  We now described it as the size of a “soccer ball” in the sky rather than a star.

We were very excited, bouncing in our seats, turning from the orb to our mum.  It was at this time, we giggled “Mum, you’re an alien, talk to the aliens!”

(This was in reference to other occasions my mum had been called an “alien” by random people numerous times in her life – she dismissed it but considered it an odd thing to be told so many times by people unknown to her.  This is why we were now teasing her and laughing about it.)

Mum scoffed, “oh, stop it, what nonsense”.  We insisted, still giggling “please mum, go on, talk to the aliens!”.

She sighed and to humour us, said (in a humorous, almost sarcastic tone) “IF you’re REALLY out there, keep in mind, I’m driving and must keep my eyes on the road; if you REALLY EXIST, give me a sign in my field of vision.”

At that precise moment, the orb suddenly shot across the sky (over our car) and appeared above the road directly in front of us, now in my mum’s full view through the windshield.

I wasn’t laughing anymore.  In fact, I was terrified.  I can’t recall what was said by my mum and sister as I began shrieking for my mum to “make them go away” because “they had listened to her”.  By this stage, I had pulled my knees up, hugging them to my chest and hiding my face.

The orb must have moved again, or we had approached it while my mum continued driving, as the next thing I remember, my mum and sister were insisting I look.  Both my sister in the seat next to me, shaking my shoulder, and my mum in the front, excitedly said “Sasha, look! You’re missing it, look!”

I briefly lifted my head, now seeing three smaller orbs appear in formation out of the larger one, darting around it.
It was at this point I’m sure I fainted or blacked out as I don’t recall anything more, other than my mum and sister telling me the three smaller orbs rejoined the larger one, appearing as one orb again before shooting away at incredible speed.

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  1. Patrick

    I have had a similar experience in the same region.

  2. Sarah Jane Curnow

    Thanks for sharing. This is so fascinating.

    • Sarah Jane Curnow

      Can you describe a little? What were the similaritys?

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