Yowie terror in Far North Queensland

Jackie lived in a rural property in Far North Queensland and was harassed by Yowie’s and other paranormal entities on a nightly basis. She even had these creatures entering her house and hiding in her child’s bedrooms!

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  1. Karen

    I can’t believe what I just heard! It’s almost unbelievable! What that lady and her kids went through is so amazing. To think that happened here in North Queensland.. I just don’t have any words to describe what I’m feeling! I would have broken that lease as soon as the first incident happened! Great story.

  2. Pete

    Amazing and incredible, still scratching my head, If that bloke came back for a second date, then he is definitely a keeper!

  3. Michelle

    Fabulous story, amazing how long Jackie and her children stayed. Very scary.

  4. Zoe Henderson

    This is my favorite story by far on believepod, I’ve listened to it so many times, it’s what got me hooked waiting every week for a new story just as good. I live in Central qld in a rural town, so this story scared the heck out of me, so much so it took me two attempts to listen and the first night I did, I got out of bed, put on all the lights and locked the entire house up. AMAZING story, your very brave to have stayed.

  5. Hayley Jones

    Wow – fascinating!

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