Missing time and multiple abductions

Tonight I have Steve joining me on the show to share some of his encounters. He has had a life full of experiences from missing time to being abducted multiple times. Steve also has regression therapy to help decipher some haunting dreams he’s been having ever since he got taken.


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  1. Maree

    Thankyou Steve for sharing your story.
    I can totally relate and empathise having had been abducted from childhood to present day.

    • Steve

      Thankyou. Would love to hear about it. it’s not an easy thing to talk about.

  2. MG

    Steve, your story is amazing yet familiar. I also wonder if you ever experienced synchronicities and similar phenomena, that are often reported alongside UFO experiences. This is something to do with space-time and how those beings operate. It would be great to have you on again to hear more.

    • Steve

      Not sure what you mean by synchronicities sorry.

      • MG

        The kinda events in your life that appear related and do not feel like coincidences but could be dismissed by an average person as such. Some people report thinking about something and then it happens, and the probability of it happening is low… it is a sense that things are connected and have reference to our internal mental environment. I just refer to this kinda phenomena ‘information recycling’ For example, I used to meditate a lot and I wanted to know if I am ‘being heard by anything/anyone out there’ or I am just wasting time sitting and doing nothing (I wasn’t sold on meditation as anything mystical at that point) and then I started waking up at night at either 3:33 am or 4:44 am and felt a presence in the room. This went on for a bit.

        • Steve

          Not really mate. I experienced big changes afterwards, physically and somewhat mentally, but not anything like that. One of the best ways I find to put it, was that before this happened, I used to see in black and white, compared to how I ‘see’ now. I am a lot more aware now.

          • MG

            I understand.

            Let your ‘friends’ know next time you get a chance that I am happy to have an encounter 🙂 I have always been opened to all of it as, frankly, the black and white reality does not add up for me, but years of meditation and all I got is waking up at strange times and few strange dream like experiences lol

            I couldn’t care less about the consent problem, I don’t exacly feel liberated in our lovely world driven by economic rationale and politics…

          • Steve

            ‘MG’, I am sure it seems like some sort of adventure, but the reality is far from that. And not my ‘friends’. You’re not the first person to have asked me this, so yea, I think we’re done here.

  3. MG

    Interesting, Steve. MG

  4. Luke

    Steve said there was two entities but only described one. What was the other one like?

    • Steve

      There was a pair of the entities shown in the sketch. There is a lot more to be told ( and a few more sketches ) I am going to save it for another interview.

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