Paranormal in Oz with Paranormal Portal

This is a replay of an episode I guested on for a podcast called the Paranormal Portal! Brent does a great show over there pumping our 3 shows a week on his podcast feed plus a live stream show on YouTube every night.  We chat everything, from cryptids to ufos and I actually share a few of my and I say this in bunny ears “encounters” in the second half of the show.

On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, we welcome Kade Moir to the show. Kade created and operates an amazing paranormal podcast in Australia called “Believe!.” Kade joins us to discuss the Paranormal in Oz and he and I compare notes on the fascinating events in Oz and find more similarities than differences in our cryptids and paranormal phenomena. It was truly a fascinating discussion and one we are sure you won’t want to miss.

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