Entering the Astral Plane

On this week’s episode I am joined by Tammy. Tammy has been having experiences with the Astral Plane ever since she was a child. Over the years she has been able to hone her abilities through lengthy sessions of deep meditation.

Tammy goes on to share some of the encounters and experiences she has had within the Astral Plane ranging from shadowy figures to potential government monitoring!

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  1. MG


    Thanks for sharing your story.

    How do you know that OBEs are not a re-creation of the information stored in the subconscious? We absorb a lot of information every second that we are not aware of. Have you been able to verify any of it?

    I had those kinda experiences as a child, I was ‘swimming in the air’ in my dreams around my school grounds, but also in adulthood when I was prescribed valium as a muscle relaxant due to injury. I would ‘wake up’ walk around the house, even wash dishes and then I would become aware that I am still asleep on the sofa, sometimes I would have to fight my way out of it to actually wake up and it would take several attempts, it was like pushing myself out of dense substance/air to come back. I would move my hands frantically up and down and I would ‘see’ something like hands moving in the corner of my eyes if you will, but that wasn’t actually happening, my body was hard asleep, my hands were along my body and my eyes were closed. It was basically a dissociation because valium is a nervous system depressant and the side effects I was getting were numbness in limbs that would lead to quick and deep sleep paralysis. Deep meditation is essentially a way of tricking your body that is asleep through stillness (inducing sleep paralysis) while maintaining conscious awareness, deep meditation (not mindfulness) is a dissociation, there is research on it these days. In very deep states can lead to dissolution. The fringe science calls it mystical, the mainstream calls it pathological as people with severe trauma experience those as well.

    When on valium I did also feel the vibrations and spinning around my stomach area but I have no way of knowing whether this ‘blanket reality’ (the New Agers call it holographic universe) was not just an extension of my normal psychology in a dream-like state. People who have a good attention to detail can easily recreate reality in their dreams. My normal dreams involve entire landscapes and panoramic vision rich in details but it is likely just something I have seen on a TV or the net during my lifetime and forgot consciously about it.

    That’s why it would be good if we could verify the information. Come and ‘visit me’ one day 🙂 Not knowing a person makes it for a good control experiment.

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