It was sitting on my chest laughing

On this week’s episode I am joined by Kelly. He has come on the show to share some of his sleep paralysis encounters and his brushes with the paranormal. Kelly goes on to tell of an encounter where he believes he may have entered another realm of existence and finishes up with his two ufo encounters.

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  1. Sandee

    I can only comment on the paranormal experiences as I have no first hand experience of the other. I agree that Kelly has emerging psychic abilities and it is a factor in why he is having the paranormal experiences he is having. Until someone with these type of abilities learns how to ground and protect their energy and set firm boundaries they are constantly transmitting like a beacon which is what is attracting spirit/entities to them. We are also more open in our sleep state. I believe sleep paralysis in a lot of cases is encounters with lower vibrational entities from other dimensions on the astral and earthly plane. When we go through stages where we are having a lot of experiences which are hard to ignore, it is often that we are being encouraged to develop and learn to work with these abilities as it is in alignment with our life purpose (what we are here to do) and part of that will often include showing/choosing how we are aligned (light/dark – believe it or not it is a thing) hence the variance in the range of experiences being had.

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