I’ve been abducted my entire life

Maree comes on the show to share her story of being lifelong abductee. We go into how these encounters started and how they have taken a darker turn as of late. 

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Yowie Hunting with Gary Lynn

Yowie Hunting with Gary Lynn

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Finding Bigfoot & UFOs with James “Bobo” Fay Part 1

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  1. debbie bradney

    Hi, my name is Deborah, (Debbie), I don’t want to talk on radio, but I have many experiences, ufo and paranormal. Once I did encounter an Alien, long story short, it was a male, almost humanoid, my memory of exact details are fading, but this was in March of 2017, he told me they would be back in our space in 2 years time, and they were, as I had 4 sightings this year, all different craft’s than before. I have 2 sets of 3 markings on my right arm, like a needle imprint, both are exact imprints of a triangle, one is older and has faded, the recent one is still prominent. I never had them in my previous years, they’ve only appeared since my last encounter that I know of. THANKYOU FOR the opportunity to tell you.

  2. Lachlan Woods

    It’s good to hear people adhering there scary stories

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