I own a possessed doll (Part 2)

This episode might be a confronting to some listeners. Glen joins us again to continue the story of how his wife became possessed and the dangerous journey it led not only his wife but their entire family. He also shares some of the more extreme occurrences his family had throughout the potential possession of his wife.

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  1. Sandee

    Sorry to hear of the ordeal you have been through and I 100% believe you. As you have these types of abilities what you give off energetically (your vibration/light) will be attracting spirit and entities as they will recognise you will have an awareness of them. It is also common to have uncrossed spirit seek those like us out to help them crossover as the window for them to go easily is only fairly short so sometimes they will need our help as I feel was with the case with the children you mentioned.

    Without protecting yourself energetically and setting boundaries you will be constantly transmitting like a beacon. There are lots of reasons why we attract lower vibrational entities. For you, chances are that your life purpose involves learning lessons around this type of thing (hence the experiences you are having) and are for you to show where you are aligned (light/dark – we are in the midst of a Spiritual war and these entities do what they can to have us in fear to make us less likely to develop and do what we are here to do) so you can grow and learn yourself, do what it is you are here to do so you can educate and help others.

    I know this is no consolation but knowing and understanding this is where the self empowerment starts. With that in mind we have free will, it is entirely up to you what you choose to do.

    I can relate to your helplessness. Over the past 10 years or so I have had some pretty intense experiences with lower vibrational entities. I prefer that term rather than negative, evil, dark or demon as they tend to invoke fear which only makes them more powerful especially when alot of attention is being directed that way. Note that I choose my words in a way that is less likely to fuel and add to negative situations which the entities feed from.

    Fortunately for me, or maybe not perhaps how you choose to look at it, I worked through my fear and chose to develop and work with my abilities which tended to bring people onto my path that were able to give advice and guide me.

    As with what happened with you and your family I found it hard to get direct help as there are often consequences for those that do, as I experienced myself. They and their families will often then be targeted and on the receiving end of entity attack in various forms.

    I was in a constant battle with lower vibrational entities for a number of years, attacking my physical body which included feeling like I had something drilling into my head, the feeling like my head was being crushed in a vice which I would black out from and have terrible headaches for a while there close to on a daily basis, which had no medical explanation.

    I was attacked at my left eye, it would hurt and weep and pus up when the attacks were happening and also attacks on my body internally particularly at my groin. I had Stage 4 cancer in 2008 which I had fully recovered from, which eventually relapsed from the onslaught of what I was experiencing. I could feel things suckering onto my body through my chakras (energy centres) which is detrimental. A blockage at any chakra stops the free flowing of energy through the body, and having an entity suckered into my energy at my crown and third eye blocked my connection to higher guidance also made it harder.

    It was awful, but trusting and having faith in the divine and through building my connection to my higher guidance via meditation and prayer (guides/Angels/higher self) I learned over the years what I needed to do.

    By the sounds of it things have settled a bit for you which is good news given that we are isolating and social distancing. If things were to amp back up don’t be afraid to act. I feel certain that the Catholic Church would have Priests trained in dealing with this. I recall a lady calling into one of the more recent Bonfire Sessions that spoke of a Priest she knew that was in the loop so to speak, perhaps through her contact they could direct you to an appropriately qualified Priest/s closer to your area.

    There are some Psychics that do this usually as part of a group as it is safer for them to do it that way.

    Either way be sure to give them a heads up as to what it is they are walking into. These entities can be very intelligent and disguise and cloak themselves so make sure any sourcing or reading up on this type of thing is done off premises and preferably while you are playing Worship Music or Tibetan Bowl music (You Tube).
    There are crystals you can wear such as a combination of Black Onyx and Tigers Eye (successfully being used by someone I know with an attachment/influence scenario), snowflake obsidian which seems to be something the lower vibrationals can’t tolerate, or any other that have protective qualities.

    Should the removal be successful especially where your wife is concerned she will need to actively work as an ongoing thing at taking sovereignty of her body and energy and renounce and denounce all energies and entities that are not in complete alignment with God/Light which is a precautionary measure we should all be doing.

    As an interim measure, you could try very gradually doing various things to assist your situation. Test the waters so to speak first. For example are you able to pray and ask for protection for yourself, or call on the Arch Angels (Michael in particular), open and read a Bible, wear or have a Cross etc on the wall, start placing crystals, burn a sage incense stick without having things happen? Start small. I found praying for the person, expressing how grateful I am to have them in my life and how much I loved them as an ongoing thing has helped alot. Things have settled right down. I can go into more detail should you be interested.

    I constantly work at raising my own energetic vibration which is something I encourage you to do.

    To do this you do what is known as self work (healing our own emotional and mental trauma) so we can ultimately forgive and let go, changing the way we think to be more positively focused and acting from a place of love, becoming more Spiritual, listen to High Vibrational Music such as Worship, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Shamanic Drumming, High Frequency/ Miracle / Solfeggio Tones, Reiki Music, Om Chanting..

    I have found by doing this these days I am less prone to attack. It still happens but I can generally act to stop it much quicker these days.

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