I own a possessed doll (Part 1)

Glen comes on the show to share his story of owning a possessed doll and the extreme accounts that come along with it. Glen shares how his everyday life has been turned upside down and how a house full of negative spirits has affected his family. This is just part 1 of Glen’s story with part two continuing the journey of how his wife then became possessed.

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  1. Xopa Juvelerare

    Maybe Glen should hook up with Amy Allen of the show Dead Files. It’s a U.S. show, but they travel to sites and/or people’s homes that have extreme paranormal occurrences and help people with hauntings and possessions. I do believe she is the real deal, and maybe they would be delighted to travel to Australia for one or two of their episodes?

    • Glen Reberger

      I wouldn’t even know how to contact them and I am not sure if they would capture anything here at the moment as the activity is very sporadic but I would be happy to talk to them about what happened to us and to meet Luca if they wanted to

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