There was a portal in my backyard

Belinda comes on the show to share her incredible encounter with a portal in her backyard. She goes on to share the many experiences she has had while living in a haunted house plus a run in with a floating orb.

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  1. Sandra

    I believe Belinda has psychic abilities. It is quite common for these abilities to run in families so her mother is more than likely to have these abilities as well. Interesting theory in regards to the brain function in relation to Parkinson’s. Another theory is it may possibly a medication “enhancing” her abilities, just putting it out there as it is said that using various substances etc can induce these types of abilities, and I have also heard of these types of abilities being dampened/switched off with various medications. I guess for me the most concerning aspects of Belinda’s experiences is the black smoke and the vortex with Tendrils. It may be beneficial especially should activity and occurences increase to have the land blessed by clergy or do a smudging type ceremony either via an Indigenous elder or calling in the Light/God/Archangel Michael / the Angels and Elementals for the property/space through prayer/intention setting for the space to be cleared of all lower vibrational energies/entities (hopefully there is someone local to help you with this). The other experiences, synchronicities etc are messages etc from Spirit and higher guidance.

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