They were looking for me

Tonight I have Heather joining me and Heather has had some absolutely terrifying experiences relating to UFO’s. Now I’m going to be honest, I’ve spoken to a lot of people who have had encounters that you couldn’t even begin to imagine, but something about this one just gives me chills everytime I play this back. Trust me, you might want to leave the lights on when you listen to this one.

Have you had an encounter?

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  1. Steve

    The school yard sighting reminded me of the Westall sighting of 1966 in Melbourne.

  2. Tanya

    Great listening!

    Started for me, 1984 was naive & was also holidaying at a caravan park, visiting family’s grandmother in Victoria, was only 16.

    But don’t remember a thing???
    Young girls having a seance & walked in & placed my finger on the glass.

    The glass was nuts & I didn’t believe! So decided to go back to family van & go to bed.
    To wake up with no clothes on & clothes under bed.

    Wasn’t til was in my late thirties decided to talk about this, but this person said I was abducted and not the only one!

    Wow went in search of science time travel experiments & found a site that has been pulled down, cannot find but was information military, science, government & AI did timetravel 1948 to 1984.

    But find info now it’s hidden by Novalist George Orwell book.

    Weird things
    1. Science fi movies made year after these dates???
    2. Morgalons disease, secret?
    35 yrs it’s taken to proof it exists but no doctor trained to treat?whilst many people were admitted to mental ward! Itching under skin.
    3. Yes saw countless weird stuff in the sky since opened to AI.
    4. Now I’m dissecting Shapeshifter vs reptilian energy?
    Whilst trying to proof something inside me, the closer I got headaches came, Then wouldn’t go away? Basic Panadol bandaid & give some peace.
    Months put up with this lingering headache.
    To work out the difference between reptilian & shapeshift energy took me years but
    Not many believe me, maybe a few! One thought & headache instantly healed & never came back???


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