Top 10 Scariest Episodes of 2019

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With 2019 all wrapped up we decided to go back and look at our most popular episodes of the year. This list is compiled of our most downloaded episodes throughout the year. Thank you to everyone who has listened, subscribed and supported the show! We look forward to bringing you more amazing and terrifying encounters in 2020!

10:  S1E3: Beings from other worlds

On this episode we have Paulina joining us and Paulina has had some absolutely incredible experiences from fairies, interactions with beings from other dimensions to even producing hybrid children and that’s just scratching the surface.


9:  S4E7: Giant V-Shaped UFO in Victoria

Josh had an incredible encounter with a huge V-shaped UFO in the small Victorian country town of Shepparton. He recounts the events of that night and how it changed his view of the world and humanity.


8:  S3E4: I was stalked by two yowies

I have Attila joining me from Moonlark Media. Attila is currently filming a documentary about the Australian Yowie called TRACK. He comes on the show to tell me some of his more hair raising encounters and how he got involved in the paranormal field.


7:  S4E10: We got too close to UFO disclosure

I am joined by my good friend Attila. He comes on the show to share his experiences back when he started a UFO research organisation in New South Wales. Attila shares how his search for the truth leads him down a very dangerous path with unmarked surveillance and government officials taking a person of interest into custody for up to a week! Did they get too close to the truth and was this the Men in Black stepping in to the situation?


6:  S4E2: Missing time and multiple abductions

I have Steve joining me on the show to share some of his encounters. He has had a life full of experiences from missing time to being abducted multiple times. Steve also has regression therapy to help decipher some haunting dreams he’s been having ever since he got taken.


5:  S4E5: UFOs & Yowies with Don Meers (Australien Skies)

I am joined by Don Meers. Don produced and directed Australien Skies 1 and 2 with the 3rd instalment to be released this year focusing on the mysterious Min Min Lights. Don shares how he got into the world of paranormal, film making and how these two combined to what is today. We chatted about everything from his yowie and UFO encounters to public disclosure along with a bombshell revelation that he wasn’t able to release on Australian Skies 2 documentary.


4:  S1E2: It ended with a UFO crashing!

We have Phil joining us, and Phil had a pretty surreal encounter. He witnessed two UFO’s essentially in pursuit of each other with it resulting in one of the crafts actually crashing to earth!


3:  S4E4: Trapped by an angry Yowie

On this week’s episode I am joined by Amanda. She had a terrifying run in with a Yowie in the Far North Queensland town of Innisfail while out on a camping trip. Amanda, her sister and husband were trapped in the back of their vehicle for several hours with an aggressive Yowie circling their vehicle well into the darkness of night.


2:  S1E4: UFO’s in country Victoria

On this episode we have Sherryl (now known as Belle) joining us and Belle has had multiple encounters with UFOs from a terrifying experience to being monitored every night in the small Victorian country town of Strath Creek. Belle and her entire family was also interrogated by the Air Force over what they had witnessed. This experience was featured on national news and this can be viewed on this episodes web page along with multiple news articles about her encounter.


1:  S4E1: Yowie terror in Far North Queensland

I have Jackie joining me and she has an incredible collection of encounters. She lived in a rural property in Far North Queensland and was harassed by Yowie’s and other paranormal entities on a nightly basis. She even had these creatures entering her house and hiding in her child’s bedrooms!

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